\"Freedom\" and the LGBT Agenda which enslaves us | The Makinations 3 | English

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\"Freedom\" and the LGBT Agenda which enslaves us | The Makinations 3 The third installment of the groundbreaking series explores the notion of freedom, which has been used to in fact enslave people. Who were some of the key thinkers that built the foundations of this ideology, which is now being used to silence people, imprison peoples’ minds and take away rights? \"Human beings truly need to be able to think in a free atmosphere. Freedom of expression is a byproduct of freedom of thought. When there is freedom of thought, naturally there is freedom of expression as well. The main priority is freedom of thought and enabling human beings to think freely. In the absence of a free intellectual atmosphere, there can be no opportunity for growth.” -Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei (May 3, 2017) #LGBT #FreedomOfThought #FreedomOfSpeech #Liberty #Justice #LGBTMuslims #CulturalMarxism #Marxist #Heterosexuality #SexualRevolution #TheMakinations

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