[09] If Hezbollah was Defeated - Arabic Sub English

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Credit: Ziad B If Hezbollah was defeated is a 17 episode series surrounding the Middle Eastern issues. It is an in depth analysis. Al Manar takes you back to the very start of the Palestinian issue and fast forwards to the present day crises that has developed. Al Manar presents you with the establishment of the Zionist entity, the loss of consecutive Arab wars to reclaim the mother land and to how Israel lost to Hezbollah? An intensive analysis and documentary on the most prevalent issue in modern day society that has an affect on everyone who is rooted to the Middle East. I have added english subtitles to the documentary that will benefit non Arabic speaking people who are interested in learning about the history and the current day political and military situation in the region. If Hezbollah Was Defeated is brought to you by Al Manar TV. All rights are reserved to the Al Manar Broadcasting Network.

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