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Sometimes we end up committing sins, which is bad enough, but sometimes we go a few steps ahead and do something even worse. What is that something worse that we might end up doing after we have committed a sin? And why is that something so bad? And what do we attribute to Allah when we say \\\"It\\\'s All God\\\'s Fault\\\"? Finally, what does Allah actually want for us? Sayyid Shahryar explains using the wise and eloquent words of the tenth divinely appointed Imam, Imam Ali ibne Muhammad al-Naqi (A). Hey, remember, it\\\'s never God\\\'s fault, but it most probably is yours. Still, it\\\'s never too late to make amends, even if it is your fault. #IslamicPulse #OneMinuteWisdom #OMW #Akhlaq #Ethics #Morality #Islam #Quran #AhlulBayt #God #Fault #Sin

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