[97] Stay Away From People Who Love The World | Ayatollah Misbah-Yazdi | Farsi Sub English

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When it is said that one should refrain from the world and worldly things, does it mean that one should hate everything that is related to the material world? What is the correct definition of refraining from the world? What are the two ways that the \\\'world\\\' can be used for? And why is detachment from the world emphasized, especially when considering the adverse effects of loving the world? What is an adverse affect of being friends with people who are in love with the world and with worldly things? What are some of the attributes of the people who are attached to the world and to worldly things? Finally, what are some of the steps to \\\"Stay Away From People Who Love The World\\\"? The late Ayatollah Misbah-Yazdi (R) provides us with a short, but profound lesson on the basics of loving Allah. #Islam #QomTv #Misbah_Yazdi #Akhlaq #Love #Allah #Concepts #Beliefs #Salvation #Spirituality #Shia

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