What Does The Term 'Merciful Islam' Truly Mean? | Imam Khamenei | Farsi Sub English

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Some people throw around the term \'Merciful Islam\' or \'Rahmani Islam\'; but what are some intricacies regarding this term? Why did Imam Khomeini (R) remove Ayatollah Montazeri from the position of potential successorship of the Islamic Republic? What is one of the ways in which the man-made and faulty ideologies of humanism and liberalism are injected into Islam? What does the holy Qur\'an say about the term \'Merciful Islam\', as is it interpreted in a wrong manner by some? How is the holy Qur\'an more all-encompassing than the term \'Merciful Islam\'? What is the overall framework of relations between Muslims and non-Muslims as far as the holy Qur\'an is concerned? Imam Khomeini (R), Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei, and Dr. Hasan Abbasi all come together and answer the question, \"What Does The Term \'Merciful Islam\' Truly Mean?\" The only way to stay on track is to follow Wilayah.

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