The Ideological School That Created Shaheed Soleimani | Dr. Rahimpour Azghadi | Farsi Sub English

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What is the distinguishing feature of those who are the beloveds of the religious communities? What is the school of Shaheed Soleimani, also known as Maktab Soleimani? And what does the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei, mean when he refers to the ideological school of Shaheed Soleimani? Besides, what is the difference between the views of Islamic monotheism and the views of individualism and person-centeredness? What are the characteristics of those who rely only on Allah and become linked to Allah? Furthermore, how can we understand what kind of people the early believers of Islam, who are mentioned in the Quran and Hadiths, were? How are people like Shaheed Haj Qasem different from worldly heroes and those who only know the technique of becoming famous? And does the death of such worldly celebrities and heroes make any difference? And to conclude, what was the reason behind the extraordinary funeral of Shaheed Soleimani? Ustad Rahimpour Azghadi explains the concept of the school of Shaheed Soleimani and enlightens the masses about the difference between true heroes like Shaheed Haj Qasem and worldly celebrities, as he speaks about \\\"The Ideological School That Created Shaheed Soleimani\\\".

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