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What is the Nakba Day? What does Imam Khamenei say about the issue of Palestine? Is the \'Nakba Day\' limited to just one single day? What is U.N. Resolution 181 and what relevance does it have to the Nakba Day? Are all people of Jewish faith pro-israel? Approximately, how many people were exiled and thrown out from Palestine on the Nakba Day? What is the second Nakba Day? In the present-day, approximately how many Palestinians have been exiled? What is the general Palestinian referendum that Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei speaks about? Are there countries in the world that haven\'t recognized the existence of the illegall Zionist regime? What is the role of humanitarian and international organizations - including, but not limited to the United Nations - when it comes to the issue of the Nakba Day? Are there any international laws in favor of the Palestinians? Who was Rachel Corrie and what is the role of the United States of America when it comes to the support of the illegal Zionist regime? What is the role of the Resistance when it comes to the Nakba day and generally, the Palestinian issue? What is the Spirit of Resistance and what are the different ways that one can resist oppression? Finally, why has the illegal Zionist regime built a wall around itself and undertaken the venture for normalization with Arab states? In order to answer these questions and more, we invited Shaykh Ali Qomi from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to speak to us about \"The Palestinian Nakba\". #IslamicPulse #IPTalkShow #BoycottApartheid #FlyTheFlag #AlQuds2022 #AlQuds_The_Axis #alQuds #Palestine #QudsDay #FreePalestine #Zionism #israel #Oppressor #DeathToisrael #Truth #Justice #Freedom #Oppression #NakbaDay

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