Husayn: the Revolutionary | When He Calls | pt.4/8 | English

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Episode 4 of the ground-breaking new film following the journey of five students as they make their way to the Holy land of Karbala. Imam Husayn rises up against Yazid making a heroic stand which highlighted for the world’s Muslims that standing up against tyranny is a sacred duty for humanity. As the students walk, though exhausted, they remember the tragedy of Karbala and ask themselves the question: had they been alive in the time of Imam Husayn, would they have helped him to stand up against Yazid? This episode also explores the recent history of Iraq, the American invasion and looks at the “Yazids” of today such as the Wahhabi sect, which has hijacked the true message of Islam to spread corruption in Iraq, and the world at large. As Alastair Crooke rightly said, “You can’t understand ISIS if you don’t know the history of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia” What is it about the ancient city of Karbala that captivates Muslims? What makes approximately 30 million people travel there each year? The ziarat [pilgrimage] to Karbala is considered a sacred journey for Muslims across the world, especially the followers of Ahlulbayt (as). Every week, Islamic Pulse will be releasing two episodes of ‘When He Calls’ by the will of God, so stay tuned!

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