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Prepare the Grounds for the Advent | Sister Spade | English

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Is there a difference between the \'Signs of the Reappearance\' and the \'Grounds for the Reappearance\'? Are the \'Signs of the Reappearance\' in our control? And what do the \'Signs of the Reappearance\' tell us? What are the \'Grounds for the Reappearance\'? What does the holy Qur\'an and Imam al-Baqir (A) say about this subject? Finally, are you preparing the \'Grounds for the Reappearance\' or are you simply waiting for the \'Signs of the Reappearance\'? Sister Spade expounds. #SisterSpade #IslamicPulse #Savior #Allah #AhlulBayt #Islam #ImamMahdi #AwaitedOne #Justice #Spirituality #Faith

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