Shias & Sunnis United for JUSTICE | Sayyid Abbas Ayleya | English

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Men and women globally are waking up to the reality that there are two camps: the Camp of the Oppressor and the Camp of the Oppressed. An extract from a speech delivered back in 2014, showing us the revolutionary direction of the united Muslims. It doesn’t matter if you’re Sunni, Shia, Christian, Jewish or any other faith: if you are OPPRESSED, then we will support you wherever you are. This is the ethos of Imam Khomeini, of Imam Khamenei, which is the pure message of Imam Husayn (A) and our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S), the Greatest of all creation and the best of mankind. #TheProphetUnites #ProphetMuhammad #TheHolyProphet #Muhammad #SealOfTheProphets #MuslimsUnited #YaRasoolAllah #OneSolution #IslamicRevolution #ImamKhomeini #ImamKhamenei #France #CharlieHebdo #Shia #Sunni #Unity #UnityWeek #ProphetUnites

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