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A beautiful spoken word piece accompanied by a video that will enliven the sleeping hearts and remind them of the tragedy of Karbala & Imam Husayn (A), which is yet to be avenged. This is Nainawa, this is the land where the children of Mustafa will be killed for the promise of some land and the blood upon the sand will be mourned until the sun don’t come up, And every eye will know what crimes were committed on the 10th of Muharram, against the son of Fatima, this is Nainawa, this Karbala, #ImamHusayn #Karbala #Justice #Freedom #Humanity #Love #HusaynForHumanity #Iraq #Yazid #Justice #Muharram #WhoIsHussain #WhoIsHusayn #IslamicRap #IslamicNasheed

Added by IslamicPulse on 24-09-2020
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