[10] Isn’t This Kind of God Worth Loving? | Ayatollah Misbah-Yazdi | Farsi Sub English

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There is a love for the beloved and likewise, due to the love of the beloved, there is a love for the attributes of the beloved. And on the other hand, it can be that a love for the attributes of the beloved leads to the love of the beloved. Have you ever thought about the beautiful names and the beautiful attributes of Allah? And have you ever thought about the many times that we were entrapped in sin, drowning in the seduction of the carnal self, and indulged in the disobedience of Allah, the Creator, the Supreme? Finally, what is a specific attribute about Allah, the Mighty, the Exalted, which leads us to realize that isn\'t such a God worth loving with all our hearts and souls? The late Ayatollah Misbah-Yazdi (R) provides us with a short, but profound lesson on the basics of loving Allah. #Akhlaq #Love #Allah #Concepts #Beliefs #Salvation

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