By The Blood of Haj Qasem | Animation | Arabic Sub English

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A beautiful animation with a resistance song depicting a glimpse of the hard revenge of the unjust killing of Martyr Haj Qasem Soleimani. The utterly offensive and provocative move by the United States of America won\'t go unanswered. REST ASSURED! Martyr Soleimani was illegally assassinated by the US on the Iraqi soil while General Soleimani was on his way as an official delegation visiting Iraq on the Iraqi Government\'s invitation. The terrorism spread by America throughout the world continues to increase. Not for long though. The Great Satan\'s collapse has begun with its expulsion from the West Asian region. #DeathToAmerica #HardRevenge #SevereRevenge #Animation #Graphics

Added by PureStreamMedia on 28-12-2021
Runtime: 4m 10s
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