Tameer e millat fund program - Urdu English تعمیر ملت فنڈ پروگرام

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(Tamir-e-Millat Fund Revitalization of spiritual norms in the light of Holy Quran and Sunnah Aims & Objectives Projection of real face and original spirit of Islam To take practical initiatives for the establishment of Islamic government To take practical measures for the sustainability and stability of Pakistan To strive for the unity of Muslim Ummah and to develop mutual harmony and coordination with other religions To support the oppressed people and nations of the world Struggle against the imperialistic designs of world powers and coordination with Islamic Movements Expansion and protection of Azadari e Imam Hussain (A.S) in the light of teachings of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) and his rightful descent Promotion of virtue and prevention of evil (Amar bil Maroof and Nahi unil Munkir) To follow the foot prints of Imam Khumaini and Allama Arif Hussaini Shaheed To follow the system of williayat e faqih in its true spirit In order to achieve these objectives and financial stability of Millat, the ulema and righteous momineen have established “Tamir e Millat Fund” Join hands! Donate only Rs. 100/- (at least) per month and contribute your share in nation building and progress. Keeping in view the challenges of the time, our brothers and sisters are requested to come forward and help win the goal of national progress and prosperity. Get yourself registered with “Tamir e Millat Fund” for generous donations. May Allah bless you. (Amin) Tamir e Millat Program For national development, progress, prosperity and achievement of the rights of Millat e Jafariah Pakistan Under this program, following projects will be implemented: To take care the martyr’s families Establishment of Imam Sajjad Foundation for the legal aid of convicts and captives of Millat e Jafariah Rehabilitation and financial support of terrorism trodden momineen of Quetta, Parachanar and D.I.Khan National Education Projects (first phase: establishment of a vocational college) Establishment of Statistical and Planning Division/Department for national planning and research Provision of ideological and theological training of at least ten thousand momineen under Islamic Preaching and Training Department/Division To launch comprehensive and organized programs for the protection of Azadari and rights of Millat e Jafariah Establishment of Media Center/Cell for the extensive projection and representation of Millat Establishment of Social Welfare Centers / Set-up

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