Squirrels who Fast too - Animal Instincts - English

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Visit our website for more episodes! http://ramadhan4u.com to make your ramadhan a productive Ramadhan. SUBHANALLAH.. Animals fast too!! Check out our new series.. Animal Instincts Squirrels Fast: Squirrels are vegetarian animals that fast for days at a time in winter. They live in places with cold winters and are very active in the autumn. They gather nuts, pinecones, and seeds and hide them in various places to eat during the winter. While tree squirrels do not hibernate, ground squirrels do. Their length of hibernation depends on where they live. In some areas they may remain dormant as long as eight months of the year. During hibernation, they are in a state of near suspended animation. Their heart rate slows to only a fraction of its normal rate, and they might breathe only once every couple of minutes. However, they wake up for a short period every four or five days to eat from their stored food. When the warm weather begins in spring, the squirrels become fully awake and active. They go after seeking fresh food. Eltemas Dua :) R4U Team For more information visit www.ramadhan4u.com

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