[Must Watch & Spread Host by Tariq Ramdan ] How can Wahhabi vandalism be stopped? - English

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Program host by Grand Son of Hasan Al Banna (Founder of Egyptian Akhwan ul Mulsameen- Muslim Brotherhood)Wahhabis have a history of vandalising and destroying Islamic heritage. In Saudi Arabia they destroyed and damaged houses and mosques associated with the Prophet Mohammad and his family. The history goes back to 18th and 19th century and their raids on Shi’a holly cities of Karbala and Najaf, killing and enslaving their populations. In recent years the Wahhabi doctrine has been responsible for the expansion of those destructions beyond Arabia to North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Pakistan and even the Muslim Balkans. In Libya and Egypt, Salafi and Wahhabi groups took the opportunity of the recent unrests to attack and damage several Sufi shrines and cemeteries. In Libya they destroyed the shrine of Zuhayr Ibn al-Balawi a companion of Prophet Mohammad. In July, another Wahhbai group in Mali began to destroy and vandalise historical Sufi shrines, mausoleums and cemeteries of Timbuktu, a UNESCO registered World Heritage. Surprisingly these atrocities has never mobilised international public opinion against Wahabis in the same manner as the destruction of the statues of Buddha in Afghanistan by Taliban.

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