[29 Dec 2013] Al Azhar university students protest against military-installed government - English

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29   Dec   2013   Al   Azhar   university   students   protest   against   military   installed   government   PTV   Presstv   English   Fresh   anti   government   protests   are   underway   in   Egypt   a   day   after   deadly   clashes   between  

Fresh anti-government protests are underway in Egypt, a day after deadly clashes between police and demonstrators. One student protester has been killed in the capital Cairo. Clashes broke out after students in Al-Azhar University staged a protest against the military-installed government. They even set the Faculty of Commerce on fire. On Friday, five people were killed as police fired tear gas and birdshots at protesters. The opposition Anti-Coup Alliance-- led by the Muslim Brotherhood, has now called for seven days of street protests. The call came just one day after the interim government declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

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