Saviors and Survivors - Darfur Conflict - Mahmood Mamdani - Part 3 of 5 - English

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Columbia University professor Mahmood Mamdani talks about his latest book on the Darfur Conflict and the shady Save Darfur movement. His book is called SAVIORS AND SURVIVORS. The talk was at UNCA. Continuing from the previous clips where Mamdani has argued that there were internal and external causes of violence. The fourth erroneous assumption according to him in understanding the conflict is that the level of violence was steady. That may not have been the case. The fifth problem or erroneous assumption is that the Save Darfur movement has removed the history from this conflict. It feeds masses with the death estimates and details of the atrocities but not the internal and external politics contexts. The whole conflict is turned into a simplistic morality tale where one side is the OPPRESSOR and the other OPPRESSED. The media also contributed to this effect. Mamdani argues that we can learn from the experiences of South Africa and Mozambique where there were no winners and no losers in the end and a ceasefire and political justice of sorts were achieved.

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