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Oppressed July 30, 2014
Today, the first issue of the world of Islam is the issue of Gaza. Perhaps, the first / foremost issue of humanity is the issue of Gaza. Three major points from the second half of the sermon, summarized: 1) What the leader of the zionist regime are doing today is a genocide and great historical catastrophe. The perpetrators and supporters of these crimes should be put on trial on an international level and should be punished. 2) We should see the power of endurance and resistance of a people who have stood up for their legitimate claims... This shows that one\'s power of resistance - the power of resistance of a mother is beyond our imagination. These people will finally achieve victory over the enemy. Allah willing. 3) Arrogant powers want to disarm the resistance. The entire world, particularly the world of Islam and duty bound / obliged to help the Palestinian people with as many weapons as they can.


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