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AliAli October 13, 2012
***Treatment/Cure for Qaswatul Qalb*** - Listen to the Holy Quran - Doing alot of Dua and tawassul towards Allah - Listening to the Naseehat (advice) of Ahlulallah. - Learning the etiquettes/adaab/akhlaq of Islam. - Hanging around with scolars and those people who have good morality - Participating in Salat ul Jamaat.

AliAli October 13, 2012
- Abundance of money i.e piling up of money and ignoring his faraiz (responsibilities) towards Allah. - Person who laughs alot. Making fun of others.

AliAli October 13, 2012
***CAUSES OF QAWATUL QALB*** - Talking alot about things that displease Allah - Doing one sin after another without doing Twaba in between - Listening to the lahav (things that engage us away from the remembrance of Allah)and ghina (haraam songs)- Having friendship with zalimeen


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