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bsrsr July 18, 2022
Salaam. I am a Turkish who is trying to learn Persian and a lover of Imam Reza. I wonder if it\'s possible for you to share the persian subtitles of this series with me? I couldn\'t find it anywhere.

fatmeg November 03, 2011
Salaam, Thank you for the message. How often will the episodes be uploaded? I would like to be consistent in watching them. Thank you for your cooperation

AliAli November 02, 2011
W.Salaam, Insha'Allah rest of the episodes will be uploaded periodically. You may start watching. Please monitor this profile for future uploads:

fatmeg November 02, 2011
Salaam, I really wanted to start watching the Imam Ridha (as) series, and was wondering if you would be uploading the rest of the episodes anytime soon? I would really appreciate it as I cannot find FArsi with english subtitles anywhere else online. Thank you.


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