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Ashu August 09, 2011
This is a beautiful movie, It has shown us every detail decisions he took and with reasons. I hope that those who have made this movie have done with good intension of Kurbatan illah . I pay from my heart that Allah gives them reward for what they have shown us. Thankyou and Jazakallah for those who uploaded these episods.

minita August 01, 2011
The saddest scenes of Mokhtarnameh is in part of 39 when Mokhtar cries for his wife?.I can?t watch his tears?during 39 part he controlled himself but suddenly was broken?.

lover-of-Ali July 31, 2011
Thanks 4 upload new episode.

minita July 31, 2011
the last part of mokhtar show in IRIB 18.40 in center of Europe.for Ramadan it show sooner...


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