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Ali.mirza March 15, 2011
Brothers I come to know dat der r 40 parts, so if ne 1 wanna c complete movie please put Mukhtar Narrative 24,Mukhtar Narrative 25 n so on. I m doing d same thing dats y dey r uploading d next episode

shiakid1 March 07, 2011
@hasasanazh: Yeah we r all waiting for Payam to release and properly market all the pending projects.

hassanazh March 06, 2011
Please ask Payam to release its Urdu part we are all waiting including Prophet Yusuf AS

majidnawaz70 March 06, 2011
thanks for loading Mukhtar Namay, the greatest

lover-of-Ali March 06, 2011
Thankx alot for upload another Excellent episode.Gr8 Job.


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