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ijazmez May 06, 2014
i appeal shia tv to remove is video because do not happy on the death of anyone even in your enemy death...............

Green123 April 29, 2013
I love Dr Israr, its hard for me to see this video. please shia tv remove it. he was very good scholar no doubt about it, what zia ul haq did with shias it wasnt his fault, he has explained everything but what to do when hatred make us deff not to hear other person

s_aliomer May 09, 2011
It dosen't matter what me, you or they think of him. Allah is the best of judge. May Allah forgive us all.

AliAli April 06, 2011
An aalim e rabbani is inheritor of Prophets' knowledge. Ulama Wurasatul Ambia (says: Prophet Muhammad (s)). True Ulama are way higher than self-proclaimed alims and "professors".

AliAli April 06, 2011
Search "masla khilafat" on stv. He got challenged by his own followers. It takes much to be a true Islamic scholar...

AliAli April 06, 2011
Imam Sajjad (a.s), the 4th Imam, has taught us many duaas in which he prayed to Allah that may my departure from this world be as a believer. It is very crucial.

AliAli April 06, 2011
It is unfortunate that he attempted character defamation of Imam Ali (a.s). And that too, so close to his death. This is why it is so important to live and die as a believer.

hassanazh April 04, 2011
He asked what is this,i put whole ayat infront of him inama .... he said i haven't heard this.From that day i left believing his students even, this is the reason i want to ask abt him

hassanazh April 04, 2011
actually Br. Ali there is 1 univ fellow who is student of Dr. Israr.once we were discussing abt Dr. Israr wordings regarding Hazrat Ali A.S. n i asked have u heard abt Ayat ul Tatheer? He said what..

AliAli April 04, 2011
It may be of no use to find out what shias think about him as you may find a wide range of opinions and stances...:)

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