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alishah3913 February 05, 2012
While praying in the end of the short clip Agha Jowad said that O Allah S.W.T may be tyrant thinks that we Shia Ummat has no Wali (guardian) on us and they can treat us however they please, so Allah S.W.T make arrangements for the reappearance of Imam Mehdi A.S. so they would know we do have Wali we call upon.

alishah3913 February 05, 2012
Shaheed Muzaffar Ali Kirmani was like an Ummat (a group of people who shares same Maksad (Goal), Maktam (Ideology) and Maslak (Path)) among people of Karachi, now those courageous among you have lost one brave man.

alishah3913 February 05, 2012
Speech of Agha Jowad Naqvi 2001 on Shaheed Muzaffar Ali Kirmani, a good way to emphasis on the importance of all brave shuda of Islam. Their status is already higher may Allah S.W.T elevate it even further.


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